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Mobile Repairing Technician 1850
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12 Weeks

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Course Curriculum

Basics of mobile communication
Using a multimeter and DC Power Supply
Printed Circuit Board (Motherboard)
Different ICs (chips) used on the motherboard
Reheating and mounting of various BGA and SMD chips
Flasher boxes and software
Removing virus from infected phones
Unlocking of handsets through codes and/or software
Use of various secret codes
Common repair procedure for hardware and Software related faults
Use of internet for troubleshooting faults

Today mobile phones are not restricted to just communication but a means for navigation of data. Any loss of data can be extremely problematic for users. The study of mobile technology has many advantages. Knowing technology used behind repairing cell phones of various brands can be helpful. Mobile repairing courses are an efficient use of time. The most important part is that mobile repairing training gives the same advantage as any other degree course. The modules of the course are simple and easy. We provide training that can help understand major branded mobile.

Minimum ten (10) pass
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Adhaar / Voter ID Card
Self Photo
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