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Embroidery Designer 1650
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10 Weeks

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Course Curriculum

Different types of embroidery stitches - Flat, Loop & Knotted stitches
Basics of Pattern making
Embroidery artwork
Various hand embroidery techniques
Identify color combination
Different type of stitching techniques [Running stitch, Back stitch, Cross stitch]
Different type of loop stitches

This course enables students to develop technical and conceptual skills and understandings relating to a range of hand-stitching processes and to explore a range of relevant design/image making techniques. Students will develop skills and knowledge relating to historical and contemporary applications of needlepoint, embroidery and other hand stitching methods, and use these as a means for the creative expression of ideas through a series of class and individual projects. Students will also learn safe working practices and develop an understanding of relevant workplace health and safety (WHS) procedures to fulfil course requirements.

Minimum eight (8) pass
Qualification Photo copy
Adhaar / Voter ID Card
Self Photo
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