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Soft-Toy Making 1650
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10 Weeks

0  Live Class

Course Curriculum

Introduction of Soft-Toy
Basic pattern and shapes
Paper cutting and mould making
Fabric cutting
Sewing by machine
Eyes & Nose punching
Hand and Machine Stuffing
Back closing, Finishing

A Soft Toy is known as Stuffed Toy is sewn from textiles like plain cloth, plush or terrycloth and stuffed with cotton, wood wool, plastic pellets or straws. Soft toys are used to represent various animals with different shapes and sizes. Soft toys are a great play tool for kids. It is also used as a decorative object at home. Some even use in their cars. The cover material are usually a velvety fabric which gives a soft feeling. Most soft toys are also light and hence kids love playing with them.

Minimum eight (8) pass
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Adhaar / Voter ID Card
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